Drill-less Dentistry & F.A.Q.

What is Drill-less dentistry?
We are proud to offer both air-abrasion and laser dentistry!  Both of these drill-less techniques allow us to prepare your tooth without anesthetic (giving you a shot).  Air-abrasion is a fine abrasive similar to the abrasives in toothpaste that is precisely sprayed in the area that requires restoration.  We have several lasers that minimize the loss of natural tooth structure and are virtually pain free.  Both forms of treatment bring our patients back smiling!  There is no extra fee for this service!

What can I expect during my first visit?
First, we are so honored that you have chosen us to be your dental care provider, we realize there are many options available.  During your initial exam we will be completing a thorough comprehensive exam.  We will be making many notations about your oral health as well as your concerns.  As we examine you we will point out the relevance of the exam not just on your oral health but on your general well being.  We will need to take some necessary x-rays and will also be providing a new exam with the VELSCOPE. This is the newest technology that allows us to visualize changes in your oral health sooner than ever before.  One of the changes would be oral cancer.  Once all the exams are completed we will be able to recommend what type of cleaning is appropriate for your oral health.(Patients under 25 will most likely have teeth cleaned at this visit, patients above age 25 are more prone to periodontal disease (gum disease) and may require more extensive care.) Our patients are always impressed with the vast amount of educational information shared during this visit. Please prepare for an initial visit to be approximately 1 hour.

When should my child first visit the dentist?
It is strongly recommended that your child visit the dentist around their first birthday.  This a very informal visit where the child begins to learn the importance of someone looking into their mouth and helping them with oral hygiene.  During a 1 year old visit it is mostly a examination with Doctor and a consultation with parents.  The lifelong importance of good oral hygiene and raising your child cavity free starts now.  At age 2 your child should have an examination, cleaning, fluoride treatment and possibly their first series of dental x-rays.  In the meantime- get involved everyday brushing your child’s teeth, washing the gum pads and tongue of infants and wean from nursing or baby bottle by the first birthday and encourage a sippy cup!

Why are white fillings better than the old fashion silver fillings?

Silver fillings definitely had their time in dentistry; however, there are much better materials available today.  Silver fillings have properties of expanding and contracting which can lead to fractures that allow bacteria to seep under the restoration and cause additional decay.  This decay or fractures down to the nerve can result in the necessity of a root canal and subsequent restoration such as a crown.  One other concern may be that the old fashion silver fillings contain mercury which may be a concern to your general health.  Our office is Mercury free; we have been restoring teeth with composite resin for more than 20 years.  This material is very durable and yet gentle to the opposing teeth.  The resin material also continues to release fluoride minimizing re-current decay in these areas.  You will also be pleased with the esthetic properties this material offers, as we are able to match your natural tooth color precisely.

What is the “Cerec” one visit porcelain restoration?

Cerec restorations are the finest, most durable restoration available. Its benefits include that it is the closest material to your natural dental enamel and is now available in a single appointment.  This restoration has the possibility of being the last restoration needed for a tooth and may bring this tooth back to about 100% of its natural strength.  We begin this procedure by preparing your tooth (removing old filling or cavity.)  Then we take a picture of the tooth with a camera.  The picture is displayed on a computer screen where the Doctor designs the restoration to fit your tooth as precise as a puzzle piece.  The design is then sent to our milling unit in about 10 minutes creates the restoration from a porcelain block.  The restoration is then bonded to your tooth!  This amazing technology has brought many of our patients a new found appreciation of dentistry.