Technology by Definition

Air Abrasion– One of our drill-less techniques, a fine abrasive (similar to the abrasives in toothpaste) which gently & precisely sprays away the decay.

Cerec– This type of restoration is the strongest, longest lasting most realistic restoration available.  It allows us to deliver a conservative restoration in a single visit.

Diagnodent– This is the dental laser that is used for early detaction of cavaties and soft areas before they become cavaties.  The soft areas can be treated with fluoride to harden the areas
back up.

Digital X-rays– Your well being is our concern.  We have invested in digital x-rays to minimize thew chance of lost x-rays, while minimizing the amount of radiation exposure.

Lasers: Curing-Hgn-Opus 5- Opus Duo- Waterlase- Lasers play a large role in the technology and services we provide.  Lasers allow us to cure the tooth colored fillings and treat periodontal disease.  NON -surgically.  Lasers are also used to prepare a tooth for a filling which in most cases can eliminate the need for anesthetic.

Sterilization– You may have noticed our state of the art sterilization center.  This is another way we are exceeding standards in providing a sterile environment.

VELscope– The only FDA approved device that aids in the screening and detection of Oral Cancer, the sixth most common cancer in the U.S.  If caught early, 90% chance of survival.

ZOOM– An in-office whitening system that whitens your smile 8-12 shades in a single visit.  We also offer 3 different types of whitening… please inquire on which one fits you best!

The technology we offer allows Dr. Sorensen and our Hygienist to provide our patients the most comprehensive dentistry while exceeding professional standards and comfort to our patients.  The advancements in the instruments and materials enable us to minimize your time spent in the office and enhance your experience.